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Meet Our Volunteers

Gibbs Library is run entirely by volunteers with no paid staff. The library has been fortunate, to have these volunteers to depend upon, as well as the rest of our dedicated volunteers. We extend our gratitude to all of them. And for our readers, we hope this gives you a little insight into the roles our volunteers serve and who mean so much to the Gibbs Library. Below are some of our volunteers. Please check back as we continue to add new profiles to the site. Thank you to Pat Connell who is interviewing the volunteers and writing a brief intro about each one.


Dale Brann

Dale BrannDale is well known to many, having lived in Washington all her life. When she retired, she was asked to become a volunteer by several local people. “I loved reading books and enjoyed talking to others regarding books they read–sharing their opinions.” She has been a volunteer for over five years. She also volunteers on the Minnie Weaver Scholarship Committee and the Washington Historical Society. In her free time, she enjoys visiting with her nine grandchildren and family. We are glad she continues to have time to help us with such a busy schedule.


Lynn Breen
Lynn BreenLynn started volunteering at Gibbs Library in 2014. She is a retired social worker and moved to Washington about 5 years ago. Being a volunteer came natural for her, since she has always loved books and libraries. Besides volunteering at our library as a fill in for the desk, she also volunteers at The Ladies Guild and The Grange. And in the better weather, you may also finding her walking her dog outside. We are happy to have her as a new volunteer to our staff.

Barbara Carney
Barbara CarneyBarbara has been a library volunteer for twenty years. In the beginning, Barbara states that Mary Ann Mecca and Bud Hale encouraged her to volunteer. But what continues her enthusiasm in volunteering has been personally getting to know our patrons and helping them. Over the past year, she has helped to fill the void left when Liane Chapman died. Barbara lives in Washington village.


Libby Casas
Libby CasasLibby has been a resident of Washington for over forty years and has 9 children and 21 grandchildren. She was first coaxed to be a volunteer by Madelon and Ray Kelly. "I always liked books, people, and being at the library and it was wonderful seeing it grow and prosper over the years." Recently she has written a book for her family regarding the history of her family in Wales called: "An Imported Wife and Other Stories". Libby has been an asset to the volunteer pool at Gibbs Library for over 20 years.


Beth Connor

Beth  ConnorBeth has lived in Washington since 1994 and has been a community volunteer for many years. When asked why she volunteered to the Gibbs Library, she simply stated that, "I love the library and it is the center of our community". Beth has recently joined the desk volunteers to help us. But this is not the first time she has been a volunteer at the Gibbs Library. She is the supervisor of the Gibbs Library Garage Sale that will be in June for 2015; created the memory tree plaque; and is an active board member. We are fortunate to have her energy and support.


Antyna Gould
Antyna GouldAntyna is one of three Board of Directors Teen Trustees. The Chickadee Program at the library continues to prosper under the leadership of our three teen board members: Kaylee Casas, Jane Horowitz and Antyna Gould. In addition to her role at the library, Antyna is an active member of the Medomak High School drama club where she has had major parts in several productions in her freshman year. Antyna also holds the distinction of being the only member of the Medomak Science Olympiad team, coached by librarian and teacher, Maddy Kelly, who has competed with the team for all four years of its existence. Antyna started as a sixth grader at Prescott in the first year of the team’s existence and saw the team grow in her second year to take second place at the state competition. For the past two years, Antyna has been an essential member of the team as it has won the state championship for two years in a row. Antyna plans to travel with the team in May to the national tournament in Florida. The library is lucky that these extraordinarily talented and active teenagers manage to set aside some time to volunteer for Gibbs Library as well.

Rosie Del Tejo Williamson
Rosie Del Tejo WilliamsonRosie has been with us for a year. She lives in Pittston, but has a camp in Washington along the lake. One day while visiting the library, she noted that a patron was asking computer questions of the staff. Using her computer expertise, she quickly came to the rescue and offered to help answer questions. Rosie states that Liane Chapman was present and encouraged Rosie to volunteer her skills. Since then, Rosie has been volunteering when not working as an “IT” specialist for the Winthrop grade school. She is the mother of five grown children and hopes to retire in Washington with her husband, John. We hope she never gets tired of volunteering with us.


Jean Feldseinsen
Jean FeldseinsenJean moved to Washington in 2001 from New Jersey with her husband, daughter, son-in law, and four grandchildren to a farm in Washington. Professionally she is a licensed social worker in private practice. She has been volunteering for about a year at the front desk. She states that Robert Marks and Liane Chapman were instrumental in her volunteering to our library. "I often came to read in the library because it was so quiet and peaceful." Although you will see her with her kindle, Jean acknowledges that her kindle is, "nothing like the feeling of a hard cover book in my hands." An added advantage is to meet others in our community while she volunteers. You can also find Jean at the Farmer's market on Saturday mornings where she frequently sells apple turnovers, soup, bread, and other food items. We hope she never gets tired of helping us.


Judy Good
Judy GoodJudy and her husband moved from New Jersey to Washington in 2002 to retire to a home near the lake. She met Joanne and Orville, neighbors, who talked about the new library. Soon they invited her down to the library where she meet Liane Chapman. "I always wanted to do something within the community to get to know the people." As a realtor, she was always active meeting people while living in New Jersey and now she she had time to meet the people within this community. Currently, Judy works at the front desk of our library on Tuesday afternoons. In additions to volunteering, Judy and her husband spend time with their two grown children and families. But in the colder months, they vacation in Georgia and Florida.


Peg Hobbs

Peg HobbsPeg Hobbs has recently become a new desk volunteer at the library answering the call for more volunteers. She has been a "behind the scenes" volunteer for many years by helping with the plant sale for the annual Gibbs Library Garage and Plant Sale. In addition, Peg has worked in various health care fields as a nurse, educator, and a massage therapist. She has lived in Washington for twenty-two years and recently found time to become more active in our community. We are grateful for Peg's willingness to support and serve the Washington community and the especially the library.


Carol Howell
Carol HowellCarol moved from North Carolina to Jefferson, Maine six years ago. "I loved libraries and wanted to get to know the people around me." Often she came to the library and discovered that volunteers were needed, so she applied. In the past she has worked with her son, in a family business. Her interest is in drumming and she currently attends the Waldoboro book club. Carol lives in Jefferson, but on Saturday afternoons, you can find her at the front desk of our library, helping patrons. What luck we have, to have her volunteering for our library.



Kate Nichols
Kate NicholsKate grew up in Middle Haddam, Connecticut and at the age of 12 was volunteering at a local library where she met her mentor, a librarian from the Connecticut State Library. This person encouraged her to become a librarian and she did received an associate degree in library science. In 2006 she moved from Connecticut to Somerville, Maine which had no library. Kate states that, "I was missing having a library nearby." One day when she was voting, one of the town clerks mentioned Washington had a new library. "I finally found a library near by and I quickly went to see how I could volunteer." Since then, Kate has volunteered at the desk and with the children's story hour. She even enlisted her husband, Nick in the process. They worked as a team during the children's story hour bringing foods discussed in stories read to the children, making the event more enjoyable for all who attended. Nick has also helped the library by devising a method to hang multiple art work for the Children's Exhibit in March. Kate and Nick are weavers and "doing their farm thing" with goats, rabbits, and chickens. We are fortunate to have them both volunteering to help us.


Barbara Sager
Barbara SagerBarbara Sager has been living in Washington for 22 years. One of her goals she had at the time of her arrival was to give some volunteer community service to the town of Washington. It was not long after moving here that she found a flyer in the mail asking for volunteers to help work at the new library. She applied and Elizabeth Cowan became her mentor. Barbara has the distinction of having the second library card to be given to a member of the community. She worked with Elizabeth Cowan in organizing the first book collection. Thru the years, she has worked in several roles at the library: as a board member and now emeritus member, vice president, and desk volunteer. She feels honored to have seen the community and their families grow and prosper thru the use of the library and feels that this has been an important aspect to her volunteering. She and her husband, Ken, are both retired and remain active within our community.


Budd Sloat
Budd SloatBudd was born in New Jersey but lived in many states throughout our nation. Since 1927, he came here often for summer vacations at the lake with his family. Lynn and Ted Andrei at the store were advocates in getting him involved with the planning of Gibbs Library at the very beginning. "They thought that I needed to be out more in the community". " I love books and even at home I have a couple of thousand books." Then when the library was built, he became a volunteer. His jobs varied according to what was needed: cleaning, arranging books, providing transportation, etc. Currently, he works with Barbara Sager rearranging books and sorting them to the appointed place and helping where needed. With Barbara and Budd, Tuesdays mornings at the library run smoothly throughout the morning. What a great team they make.


David Studer

David StuderDavid volunteered recently as a desk volunteer helping when needed. He retired four years ago, but continues to manage his septic design business and church activities. However, he felt he had some extra time to help us at the library, as needed.  "I love to read and I felt that I know the ropes at the library and now have some extra time." Thank you David for your help and support.



Toni Weiner
Toni WeinerToni has been living in the town of Washington for 6 years. About 2 years ago, she was recruited by Liane Chapman to become a volunteer. She thought about it for several months and has recently started working on the front desk. She states that she has always had fond feelings for libraries. "My grandmother started a town library in 1935 and I have always loved to read". Toni is also the secretary on the Board of Trustees. She is now retired in Washington and we are delighted to have her in our volunteer pool.