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Art Exhibit at the Library

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The Gibbs Library is proud to exhibit the abstract paintings of Matt Demers, from Thursday September 7th through Tuesday, November 31, 2017.

In ClosingGrowing up in rural Maine, Demers has been creating for as long as he can remember. Primarily self taught, he uses a wide variety of mediums and techniques often on unique surfaces to create his pieces. His background as a graphic designer, sign maker, embroiderer, screen printer, gravedigger, and antiques dealer influences his work visually and conceptually.

In Demers’ own words, “I draw inspiration from every experience in my life. My work references landscapes, architecture, figure, and objects with an emphasis on form and color and the way non representational objects can spark memories and create new ideas. I would describe myself as quiet and reserved but my artwork has always been a place that I feel comfortable being unrestrained.  It has allowed me to connect to people in ways that I otherwise would not. The pieces become a visual memoir of my constantly racing mind. With paint, found objects, text, and other materials I create dynamic pieces and invite the viewer to be drawn in and experience the work subjectively.”