Tom MacConnell at Gibbs Library
January – February 2022
Tom MacConnell has been creating art for over 50 years, mostly from his home base in Montville, Maine. Originally raised in North Carolina and Florida, Tom struck out for Europe after a year of study with John Roy at Florida State. Over the next few years he self educated in the great museums and libraries  of Europe as well as studying etching and printmaking at the University of Stockholm.
Upon returning the States in the mid 60s, interest turned to photography. Tom photographed widely across the US, and Mexico, especially Maine, New Orleans, and Seattle. He was influenced strongly by photographer Ernst Haas who was his teacher and friend. In 1996 Tom returned to painting, with large oil and acrylic paintings dominating the work. Most recently Tom has returned to watercolors and has steadily produced in his Montville studio.
Past exhibits include Colby College Museum of Art (photography) , Carver Hill Gallery in Rockport (photography and painting) and the Gibbs Library.
Artist’s Statement:
I am dedicated to my art and let the work speak for itself.